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Reference on India
A reference on India will lead one to the amazing storehouse of Indian literature, its colossal temples, the lofty philosophy and definitely the diverse landscape of India. While the Indian geography is arresting with its pristine beauty, the country’s past provides a sneak-peek to the interesting tale of how India has braved all the storms and strongly emerged as the land of culture and intelligentsia.
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Reference Categories of Reference on India
History of India  (3031)
History of India
Sub Categories
  Modern History of India   (1499)
  Medieval History of India   (451)
  Maurya Empire   (204)
  History of South India   (191)
  Ancient History of India   (143)
Indian Temples  (2195)
Indian Temples
Sub Categories
  Indian Regional Temples   (1073)
  North Indian Temples   (358)
  West India Temples   (217)
  East India Temples   (190)
  Churches in India   (93)
Flora & Fauna  (1770)
Flora & Fauna
Sub Categories
  Indian Birds   (514)
  Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries   (279)
  Indian Medicinal Plants   (263)
  Indian National Parks   (202)
  Indian Reptiles   (78)
Indian Literature  (1548)
Indian Literature
Sub Categories
  Regional Indian Literature   (820)
  Indian English Literature   (112)
  Vedas   (112)
  Indian Comics   (108)
  Sanskrit Literature   (97)
Geography of India  (1501)
Geography of India
Sub Categories
  Natural Resources of India   (764)
  Indian Mountains   (205)
  Indian Airports   (78)
  Indian Transport   (71)
  Indian Natural History   (69)
Indian Purans  (1226)
Indian Purans
Sub Categories
  Indian Puranas   (281)
  Vishnu Purana   (259)
  Mahabharata   (239)
  Ramayana   (179)
  Agni Purana   (94)
Indian Administration  (896)
Indian Administration
Sub Categories
  Indian Civil Awards   (177)
  Indian Armed Forces   (163)
  Government of India   (131)
  Indian Coins   (98)
  Indian Media   (46)
Education  (789)
Sub Categories
  Indian Universities   (243)
  Colleges In Indian States   (206)
  Medical Colleges in India   (157)
  Indian Entrance Examinations   (82)
  Education in India   (39)
Indian Philosophy  (551)
Indian Philosophy
Sub Categories
  Upanishads   (256)
  Schools of Indian Philosophy   (125)
  Indian Philosophy   (67)
  Buddhist Philosophy   (56)
  Indian Philosophers   (27)
Indian Museums  (465)
Indian Museums
Sub Categories
  Indian State Museums   (396)
  Indian Libraries   (43)
  Indian Museums   (17)
  Indian Archaeological Museums   (3)
  Indian Historical Museums  
Indian Languages  (154)
Indian Languages
Sub Categories
  Languages of India   (36)
  Indian Spoken Languages   (31)
  Indian Tribal Languages   (22)
  Indian Scripts   (19)
  Linguistic History of India   (11)
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